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walle_ficontest's Journal

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Welcome to WALL-E Ficontest! This community shall hold a fan fiction contest for Pixar's beautiful film WALL-E every week. Members of the community will vote and the winner shall get a shiny banner and the comm's collective admiration for their mad writing skills.

Out of respect for the MPAA not wanting their ratings used by fan fiction websites, and in an effort to make sure there is international understanding of ratings used here, this site follows the fiction ratings system. Information on it is available here: http://www.fictionratings.com/guide.php

Please note, this community is intended for people who have seen the movie. If you have not, I recommend not coming here just yet. This is too good a movie to have it spoiled by a bunch of fans. Go see it. :)

We want this to be a clean, fun community that everybody can enjoy. All entries for contests here must follow these guidelines:

1. Fic entries must be Fiction Rating T (13+) tops.

2. This community is slash(yaoi/yuri) free.

3. Fics should be posted on this community and only on this community to keep them anonymous. Once the contest you entered it in is completely over, you may submit it to your LJ, other comms, etc, but not before then. Breaking this rule will be automatic disqualification for your fic. No questions asked, no excuses taken. Same goes for telling people which one you wrote.

4. When posting your entry, put something about your favorite character in the subject line to show that you've read the rules. It can be anything, but it should clearly have the character's name in it. For example, if your favorite character is EVE, you could put "EVE is very trigger happy" or something like that as your subject.

5. Obviously, the entry must follow whatever the theme is for the week and be WALL-E related. No crossovers unless otherwise specified.

6. Fics can be any length.

7. No asking your friends to vote for you.

8. Since some fics take multiple comments to post completely and it can sometimes be hard to define when a story ends, please clearly mark the ending of your entire entry. That way, no partial fics get posted by accident.

Community Rules:

1. Flaming is not allowed. Period. However, critique is.

2. All entries for contests will be posted by the mod. Participants in a contest will submit their entries through a screened comment on the contest entry. This should make it clear that whose fic is whose is anonymous, and needs to stay that way. Don't post your fic elsewhere until the contest is over, and don't tell anybody which fic is yours. No getting friends to come vote for you.

3. Comments will be disabled on all contest entries till the contest it over. Once the contest is over, I'll open fics for commenting and people can review them/talk to the fic writer/whatever.

Suggest a contest theme: http://community.livejournal.com/walle_ficontest/315.html

Affiliate with us: http://community.livejournal.com/walle_ficontest/640.html